Dimensions: Ultra thin.
Weight: 1.100g Colors: Silver.
Material: Full Metal.


WiFi: Dual Band(2.4 GHz and 5GHz, 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n)


Screen specifications: 14.1 (inches) Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels FHD
Aspect ratio: 16: 9
Type: Flat IPS Screen


Capacity: 5.000 mAh 7.4V Type: Li-ion


CPU: Intel Celeron Processor J3160, to 2.8GHz
OS: Windows 10


HDD: 500GB


3 x USB, 1 x HDMI
1 Charge jack
1 x Headphone jack
2 x Speaker
1 x SD interface

Servicios integrados


Wings Suite is a unique application designed for all simultaneous PC and mobile users, or who find themselves with low mobile battery power. Wings Suite allows users to transfer all WINGS PHONE functions, directly on the laptop (WINGS BOOK), including GSM calls from any mobile carrier.



Wings GuardianTM is a security system that verifies in real time whether other installed applications or Trojans use the microphone or camera without the user´s knowledge.



Through the VoIP technology, WINGS MOBILE offers all Wings Phone or Wings Book owners the possibility of using exclusive VoIP services. In a very simple way, once the recipient has been chosen, the user decides whether to make the call through the GSM network or through the VoIP network. Wings Mobile uses the transference of voice data through VoIP technology only in the first part, that is, from the user to the Wings telephone station. From this moment on, the call is redirected through the GSM or PSTN network of the call’s destination country.

This mode allows making calls that do not differ at all with the GSM already being used. Thanks to this service, WINGS MOBILE offers special rate plans, which allows for 90% in savings compared to some markets that are not yet mature such as Latin America or with high prices, as it is the case with the African continent in almost all international calls.



WINGS DIALER is the first dialer in the hybrid world, which integrates GSM technology with native VOIP technology. This dual system allows the integration of all WINGS special mobile functions on a single dialer (keyboard): secure call, free roaming, a second number, national and international calls with VoIP transport, free calls, etc.

The main advantages are related to an integrated use that allows the user to have several calling options, in a single dialer, and without relying upon external applications. Also, calls with native VoIP technology, excluding other VoIP clients, are not canceled if there is a second GSM call. In this case, the GSM call simply receives a busy signal as in the normal GSM system.


Second Number, another exclusive service available in all Wings smartphones allows users to choose all additional telephone numbers they need, which can be used to receive and make calls with the second number as the caller identification.


WINGS MOBILE secure calls are protected by a triple level of security: TLS (Transport Layer Security) for Internet communication, ZRTP (Zimmermann Real-time Transport Protocol) for an end-to-end exchange protected by encryption keys, and ICE technology for P2P utilities. No VOIP data flow passes through the server, which guarantees that even Wings Mobile can intercept (secure) calls.


Wings world roaming free TM is the only system in the world that converts incoming GSM calls into VoIP calls, completely free of charge, in any global area where there is an Internet connection. This technology works independently from the operator used by the user. The user can choose from 60 countries around the world.